The Best Advent Calendar 2022

Christmas is always a great time! You don’t need much to maintain the mood of the holidays – simple togetherness and the joy of giving are already enough. Advent calendar is the most popular way to maintain a good Christmas mood – especially for children to count down the days until X-mas morning! 

Sokisahtel’s 2022 Advent calendar turned out to be a great favourite of our customers, so we decided that in 2022 this joy must be shared again! We also put together some great calendar ideas and see which calendars are the best for the 2022 holiday season. Soon comes the time to start the countdown to Christmas!

The Best Advent Calendar for Men in 2022

The Best Advent Calendar for Men in 2022

If you are looking for a unique and outstanding gift for men, the dress socks’ Advent calendar is an amazing choice. There are so many different Advent calendars for 2022 so there is something for every taste. 

An ideal gift for a solid man is, for example, an Advent calendar with dress socks. The advent calendar contains 24 pairs of good looking dress socks for men. And if you really want, you can choose the dress socks yourself. If you need warmer socks, an Advent calendar with merino, alpaca or angora wool socks will definitely come in handy. And all this can be combined – choose a few pairs of merino socks, and a few cotton ones! 

For special requests, it is possible to put together a men’s calendar of your own liking – choose 24 pairs of socks yourself and we will put the calendar together for you!

The Best Advent Calendar for Women in 2022

The Best Advent Calendar for Women in 2022

There are also many different Advent calendars for women, and it is possible to add all kinds of cool socks! If you want to give an Advent calendar to a woman who appreciates the warmth of socks, put together a calendar with merino, alpaca or angora wool socks, where you can find some nice and good pairs of warm socks every day!

If you want the calendar to be very Christmas themed, you can choose 24 pairs of cotton Christmas socks for your calendar! And if you don’t just want Christmas socks, you can add a mix of Christmas socks and a few low-cut, thin or other funky socks to the calendar – for example, for the sister “BEST SISTER” or a close friend “BEST FRIENDS”. And if socks aren’t enough, you can put some tights or a pair of hold-ups on the Advent calendar!

The Best Advent Calendar for Children 2022 – ideas for elves

The Best Advent Calendar for Children 2022 – ideas for elves

When the annual chocolate advent calendars get boring, we have a great idea for the elves! The alternative is a particularly cool and practical sock calendar, where every day until Christmas Saturday, the child finds a funky pair of socks by opening the window. 

There are sock calendars with cotton socks for both boys with boys’ socks inside and for girls with girls’ socks. However, if you want your child’s Advent calendar to be especially special, our elves can put together the best Advent calendar of 2022, with socks that you like! Do you want just regular socks or add a pair of knees or tights as well? 

And if you want, our elves can also hide some candies between the socks! 

In fact, sharing the joy of Christmas is the most important thing. If you want to share the joys of the Advent calendar with your children, make a calendar for the whole family with socks for you and your child!

advent calendar for business and employees’ gifts

Advent calendar for business and employees’ gifts

We certainly have not forgotten business owners. If you are looking for the best gift for your dear employees in 2022, we will solve your gift worries right now – socks are always needed! 

The socks for the calendar can be selected according to size for men, women and children. In addition – from 50 pieces you can order the Advent calendar covers with your own design. And if you want your calendar to be extra special, we can put socks with your company’s logo in one window. 

Of course, you can also add the company’s Christmas wishes to the calendar! Just write down what you want to tell your staff and our elves will put a card behind the Advent calendar window of your choice.

And believe us – this gift will be talked about long before Christmas and after Christmas!

Where does the custom of giving Advent calendars come from?

The idea of an Advent calendar is very simple in itself: every day until Christmas Eve you open a calendar window where you will find a surprise. The calendar usually has 24 doors or a window to open – for each day of December that precedes Christmas. 

The tradition of Advent calendars dates back to the 1850s. Initially, they were simple – when you opened each window, there was a picture on the calendar with your own story to tell. Today, however, Advent calendars have become so popular that they are also made as a holiday gift for others to enjoy Christmas. So if you’re out of gift ideas, an advent calendar featuring socks is the way to go!

Why should you choose socks’ Advent calendar? 

You can’t miss Christmas time without an Advent calendar! The Advent calendar including cozy socks is special because it is such a practical gift that everyone will enjoy. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t need socks! And when it comes to particularly nice and colorful socks, it’s even better.

What to keep an eye on when choosing an advent calendar? 

When choosing an Advent calendar, be sure to consider the size of socks you want there! 

If you want women, socks in sizes 36-40 are generally suitable, for men in sizes 40-45, and for children in sizes 23-26, 27-30 or 31-35.

If you want a sock calendar for your kids, be sure to consider whether it’s a calendar that goes to a girl or a boy, or both, so the elves also know which socks to put inside the calendar. 

Special wishes should definitely be noted! For example, if you want candies hidden between the socks in the children’s calendar or something else in addition to the socks.

How to make an Advent calendar yourself?

Advent calendars are easy to make yourself, because you can put inside whatever your soul desires. Even put salt and pepper! But an advent calendar made of socks is still the best. This kind of advent calendar is especially a favorite of children, because there is nothing better than a self-made calendar. We also have a small example for you! Do it like this:

  1. The most important – socks!

    Look for 12 pairs of socks at home or buy yourself 12 pairs of fierce Christmas socks.

  2. What else do you need for the advent calendar?

    Look for nice clothespins and a string to hang socks on. You also need some candy or different kinds of sweets or whatever you would like to have in the Advent Calendar.

  3. Mark your days!

    Add numbers to the socks that mark each day until Christmas Eve. Write the numbers on small pieces of paper or make small stickers, so you can add 24 numbers in total – 1 number for each sock.

  4. Add sweets or candy into the socks!

    Add to your socks the candy or gifts you like, which the elves put inside the calendar every day.DIY sock advent calendar

And so you have a practical and great Advent calendar ready, where you can get one sock and sweets hidden inside the sock every day! 

‘This way you can gather sock pairs throughout the month and start wearing them! And by the way, our Christmas-themed socks fit perfectly into the Advent calendar. Here are some examples of socks you can use as a calendar sock:

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