Sock and hosiery maintenance manual

Did you put your socks to the washing machine and ended up finding a size or two smaller socks than before? Uh-oh, the sock fairy got a heatstroke! We have bundled up tips and tricks on how to take care of your socks and hosiery in order to ensure their longevity and beauty!


Your socks do not like being washed at higher than 30 degrees celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit)! It’s essential to follow the maintenance manual on the label but the golden rule for washing cotton socks, knee-highs and tights, is to keep the temperature close to 30 degrees. Solid color cotton socks can also handle being washed at 40 degrees. Your socks for sure don’t enjoy spending their time in the dryer, lay them out on the old-fashioned washing cord to maintain their shape and size. The wool socks have a tender heart (also the ones made from merino wool!) - these socks only enjoy being washed by hand or using the gentle washing mode at 30 degrees without centrifuge. This applies to angora wool and carded acrylic socks as well. 


As tights and hold-ups are rather fragile, we recommend washing them by hand at 30 degrees. If you wish to wash them in the washing machine, use the gentle mode with cold water. To keep the hosiery from breaking, do not forget to use a laundry bag. These tips should ensure the longevity and beauty of your favourite hosiery products! 


To get the best out of your hosiery products, it’s essential to pick the right size. We know how uncomfortable it might get when the tights are too small or too big and start rolling up and falling down -  the frustration is real! The real question is, how to find the right size? Our hosiery products have a sizing table at the back of the label, where you can choose the correct size depending on your weight and height. We’ve added the same table here, it should help you with picking the right size! 

Elsewhere in the world, the sizing charts may differ from each other. The European, US and UK charts are like chalk and cheese! Here’s a little size conversion chart to help with understanding the size accordance across the world.