Cold season favorites: alpaca, merino and angora wool

Brr! The weather is getting colder and colder! And the need for warm socks and scarves only gets bigger. We have a wonderful variety of options to solve this worry! I will show you the favourites of our customers right away! 

And as the saying goes: “Keep your feet warm, so your heart stays warm and your head stays cool!”

Soft and luxurious alpaca wool is our favorite!

Did you know that the alpacas originate from the holy land of the Incas, and have been domesticated in the Peruvian highlands for thousands of years already? For those who think that llama and alpaca are the same, surprise-surprise, you’re actually wrong! It can be easy to mix up a llama and an alpaca but actually they are completely different animals with the most prominent difference being their size.

The yarn alpacas produce has been used ever since and thus the Alpaca fiber can be called an ancient luxury, used and valued by Incas themselves. It has been said that the Alpaca wool is 7 times warmer and 3 times stronger than the regular sheep wool.  So many luxurious things can be created from the wool, such as alpaca sweaters, plaids, socks, tights and so much more.

Our clients have loved the Alpaca socks, wool ankle socks and knee-highs for years, so now we have added scarves and plaids to our collection as well! So our clients can keep themselves warm throughout the winter with these soft and luxurious products. The alpaca wool socks are perfect to wear in your winter snow boot, as they fit so nicely.

Psst! Many of our clients have also said that the alpaca wool socks are the warmest socks they have!


Alpaca wool goods
Great Natural Alpaca shop

Being practical, merino wool is the ideal choice!

In addition to alpaca wool socks, merino socks keep your feet warm as well. Socks made from Merino wool are long lasting and high quality. These socks are the first choice of every parent in order to keep their children’s feet warm during the cold winter months. Merino wool socks are perfect for babies and small children as they react to body temperature, absorb moisture and are allergy-free. The speciality of merino wool socks is the fact that they will not make your feet sweat even during the most active activities and can be worn throughout the whole year. Our clients have loved these MILANA merino wool tights and thus we decided to bring MILANA merino wool socks into our collection as well! 


Socks with merino wool
Tighs with merino wool

Last but not least, angora wool!

The angora wool is mostly very thin and contains many air cavities and thus makes it a very heat resistant fabric. The moisture absorption of angora wool is very good – it can absorb up to 60% of the mass without feeling wet! Thanks to these features and the fiber fineness, the angora wool socks are very soft and comfortable. Many compare the softness even with cashmere, however it’s way less expensive. 

Our angora wool socks are not only warm but very cute as well. We have different socks available for women, children and babies

Collection of wool socks
Wool socks

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