Wash your socks right!

Wash your socks right! It’s always good to have a little reminder on how to properly wash your socks so that your socks would last longer and you would have less holes to patch.

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30°C degree rule

Did you put your socks in the washing machine, and they came out a size or two smaller? Ahh, the sock fairy suffered a heatstroke! You shouldn’t wash socks in water hotter than 30°C! Ensure that you follow the instructions on the care label very carefully, but the rule of thumb is to wash cotton socks, knee highs, and tights at 30°C. However, you can wash solid colour cotton socks in water up to 40 degrees.

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Good old-fashioned washing line

We know for sure that socks do not like to be tumble-dried! Thus, to keep their shape and size, you should hang them on a washing line in an old-fashioned way.

washing woollen socks

How to wash woolen socks?

Woolen socks, including those containing merino wool, are better off hand-washed. If you do wish to machine-wash them, the temperature should be no higher than 30°C, and they should not be tumble dried. The same applies to angora wool and brushed acrylic socks.

washing machine sock monster

Single lonely sock mystery

And then there is the age-old question: why do socks disappear from the washing machine? Have you wondered if there is a hungry monster that likes to snack on a single sock every now and then? In fact, the mystery was solved long ago – socks can slide into the washing machine door seal and into the machine. If you put socks into a machine with a duvet cover, they can hide in that. One way to avoid socks going missing is to tie two socks together. You could also put socks into the washing machine in a washing bag, to be on the safe side.

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