Socks For an Active Lifestyle – a Guide!

We all have heard that it is very important to have the right footwear when doing sporty activities or having an overall active lifestyle. The correct shoes may be helpful towards your goals or just keep you healthy through correct posture etc. There are many different options of shoes for different activities – golf shoes, walking and running shoes, gym, and indoor shoes and the list goes on. But what about socks? Should you just throw on some regular cotton ones from your sock drawer or are there some other and more comfortable options available? We’ll help you out!

Best socks for outdoor activities

such as walking, running and hiking. Certainly, the most important purpose of your outdoor clothing should be to keep you warm and endure for a while! No one wants their legs to be wet after a hike nor a hole in their socks after a run in the forest! At BestSockDrawer we have chosen our Merino wool socks to be the best for outdoor activities. Merino wool is known to be thinner than regular wool but sure keeps you as warm! Thanks to its thinness, the merino wool socks are very comfortable to wear even in your running shoes and they are very breathable, which means your feet will stay dry even after a sweatier workout!

Best socks for winter sports

Continuing with outdoor activities, we move onto winter sports! Long days out on the mountain or playing in the snow for hours – either way, your feet need to stay warm unless you want to spend the next day treating a cold. Did you know that you lose most of your body heat through your hands and feet, not through your head? Meaning it’s still important to wear a hat outside in frosty temperatures, but even more important to have warm gloves and socks. For winter activities we have chosen the best to be the Alpaca and Angora wool socks! Layering multiple pairs of cotton and regular wool socks may make your leg feel bulky and thus uncomfortable. That’s not the case with our alpaca and angora wool socks! Both of them keep you warm, comfy, and dry even throughout a long day in the snow.

Socks for indoor activities

Moving onto indoor activities, many gym-lovers tend to prefer short socks to longer ones, which are more comfortable in some shoes. For those, we have chosen our MONDI and BAMBOO short socks. Mondi socks are perfect for running and activities which require more movement, such as HIIT and Cardio training. These socks have an elastic between the heel and the flat of the foot, which helps to prevent them from slipping off inside your shoe. For indoor sports that are not as fast-paced, we recommend our Bamboo short socks. These socks are very soft and breathable and make you feel like you’re walking on cloud nine. Our bamboo socks are available both in sporty short style or a bit longer ones. Find your perfect match on our site!

Socks for ball game players

Some people like having more support on their legs or keeping their ankles warm when sporting, like weight-lifters or ball game players. For those, we have our TENNIS socks, which have a thicker sole and beautiful ribbed edge. These features soften the impact on the sole and heel and provide additional support to the ankles. Resulting in minimizing the weariness on the legs to as little as possible.
Many basketballers and tennis players have chosen these as their favourite workout socks throughout the whole year – indoor and outdoor season! Our Tennis socks are available in white and black colour, which makes it easy to match them with any of your workout clothes and shoes.

Socks for the mind and body

Last but surely not least – perfect socks for Yoga! Many of us love doing Yoga to keep the stress levels low and use your body to the fullest. While doing yoga, it is not very comfortable to wear shoes and not all of us enjoy doing it barefoot as well. If you feel the same, we’ve got you covered! We have specially designed socks with anti-slip soles, to complete your movements without slipping. As many of our clients requested, we made toe socks with anti-slip soles which have been arguably the favourites of our yoga-loving clients! In addition to toe socks, we also have regular socks with anti-slip soles to give you the best grip while doing your movements. Our EXHALE yoga socks have a fun and cute design perfect for your yoga classes. If you want something more modest to wear, we also have regular Olev socks, available both in short and long style! Find your next perfect yoga socks from our site.

It is important to keep your body and mind healthy by moving actively daily. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the correct gear for your activity is essential to get the most pleasure from your movement. We hope that you find the perfect socks for your activities, keep your legs moving and your mind clear!

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