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“Then said the King, ‘Come to me not clothed, not naked, not riding, not walking, not in the road, and not out of the road, and if thou canst do that I will marry thee.’ So she went away, put off everything she had on, and then she was not clothed, and took a great fishing net, and seated herself in it and wrapped it entirely round and round her, and then she was not naked…”

— “The peasant’s wise daughter” Grimm’s fairy tales

The peasant’s wise daughter became queen. The origins of this tale, recorded a little over 200 years ago by the brothers Grimm, are lost in the mists of time. The fishing net in it is not accidental, for it covers up without hiding, that is, giving the king the opportunity to evaluate the curves of his future wife. Many centuries ago, the net was a symbol of female beauty, cunning, and also a warning: I shall net you, you will stay with me. What about today?

What are fishnet tights?

What do we imagine when we hear about classic fishnet tights? In most cases, the hosiery with cruciform weave, that forms diamond-shaped gaps. There is a huge variety of fishnet tights differing in: shape, size, colour, decors and weaving.

Fishnet tights have taken root in the collective consciousness as an object of increased sexuality. This was meant to be so — Destiny, if You will. In every sense, fishnet tights were doomed to gain such a reputation, because at the beginning of the 20th century they were hidden from prying eyes under layers and layers of skirts, on the same rights as pantaloons or a corset. And the hidden always arouses increased interest.

In the 1930s, the reputation of fishnet tights was threatened partly by the efforts of the burlesque diva Gypsy Rose Lee, who wore fishnet bodysuits and tights during her performances. Despite this, a decade later, the actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood: Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot — were not afraid to combine dresses with fishnet tights or stockings to emphasize the curves of the body.

What about today?

A piece of clothing with such an attractive geometry and a high emotional degree could not sink into oblivion. On the wave of modern style and the struggle for women’s rights, the mesh in the wardrobe takes on a new life. The hidden message of femininity and beauty remained, but a new one was added to it: I am not afraid. I’m not afraid of my femininity, I’m not afraid of my beauty. I may be wearing a formal jacket, but I’m not mousy! I’m wearing a denim set, but I’m not a tomboy!

Read on to find out how to add a strong feminine accent to your everyday wardrobe.

Denim + fishnet tights

Contrast. Combining the rough with the graceful is always a winning combination. Fishnet tights can be easily combined with denim (all kinds of denim). It looks bold, stylish, fashionable and always trendy. Try fishnet tights of any colour and cropped jeans. Imagination is limitless: jeans with slits along the entire length of the product, so-called “ripped jeans”, jeans with a raw edge, jeans with a high waist, ankle-opening culottes, etc. Thus, a feminine and graceful accessory will look out from under the dense material. The combination is very harmonious and will not make the look provocative. In everyday life or while going out, the combination: black mesh tights + denim pants + all kinds of blouses / T-shirts / jackets / leather jackets + sneakers / grunge boots will look appropriate and will never go out of fashion. Fishnet tights with a skirt or denim shorts will look just as cool and harmonious. The main idea of ​​the mesh-denim combination is freedom, audacity and self-confidence!

Skirts / dresses + fishnet tights

Attention, stereotype: the combination of a dress and a net is, at least, not comme il faut.

*not really!*

The main thing is to choose the right dress and the appropriate mesh correctly, and then a chic and bright image is guaranteed. The main parameter is the size of the grid. You need to focus on the type of your figure and avoid distortion of the legs due to an incorrectly selected mesh. If you want to visually enlarge your legs, then go with a coarse mesh, if you do not want to highlight the volume of your legs too much, then tights with a small mesh will help. However, we do not recommend using coarse mesh with a dress in a formal setting. The corporate dress code discourages this. And from a fine mesh of delicate nude colour, your work outfit will only benefit. From party format to office routine, feel free to experiment with dress length and material, taking into consideration the specifics of this or that place, but always remember: a dress and classic fishnet tights are an impeccable choice for a lady in any circumstances. When choosing coloured fishnet tights, remember that it is desirable that the dress or skirt be solid and discreet. On the contrary, dresses and skirts of different colours and patterns are BFF with black mesh tights.

With a short stature, in order to visually appear taller, a “little black dress” with a bright pattern and black tights, which will seem to be a continuation of the dress, will save you. 100% elegant look! Of course, don’t forget about shoes! Flat shoes look best with mesh tights. And for those who want to increase their height or adore platform boots, we give the green light! What’s the bottom line? Dress + fishnet tights = femininity and sophistication!

Sports look + fishnet tights

Looking trendy, cool and organic has never been so easy! Sportswear, fishnet tights and you nailed it! Seriously, you can use some metal in your outfit for the final touch! Combine a variety of oversized sweatshirts, hoodies, oversized monochrome dresses, sweaters, blazers, oversized T-shirts with cool logos and classic or any other fishnet tights to emphasize your modernity and daring. Speaking of unusual fishnet tights! There is a huge variety of these products that do not fit into classical format: multi-colored, with a large doubled mesh, with a small mesh, with an additional pattern, with decor in the form of sparkling rhinestones, etc. Anyways, paying tribute to the grunge style, we can safely say that comfortable sportswear + fishnet tights mean convenience, modernity, style and originality!


An African proverb says: fishing without nets is just bathing.

Don’t be afraid to show yourself! Do not be afraid to look different from what is expected of you, because this is only your style and it is up to you how to emphasize your individuality and strength! And our fishnet collection is here to help you!

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