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SMART TIGHTS are quickly biodegrading tights and socks, which have been made with special Amni Soul Eco yarn. Regular tights can take up to 80 years to biodegrade at a landfill, but SMART TIGHTS biodegrade within 3 years at a landfill. This makes it almost 80% faster than regular tights!

Did you know that…

every year, more than billion clothing pieces are thrown away. It enlarges landfills enormously and is very devastating on our environment. 64% of women throw their tights into the trash and 29% of those end up at the landfill. This means that the 29% of tights which have been thrown away, stay in nature for decades!

Be greener together with us!

At Sokisahtel you can:

  • leave the package at the store
  • order without packaging from our webshop
  • buy environmentally friendly ECOCARE and SMART TIGHTS collections, which are made for you to be greener!


These tights and socks are produced with special 6.6 formula of polyamide, which has been changed so that microorganisms can accelerate the degradation of these tights at landfills with regulated conditions.

Saving the environment starts with SMART TIGHTS production. Low energy and water consumption are essential to save resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are harmful to our planet’s ozone layer.


Biodegradable is not the same as compostable!

These tights cannot be composted at home, biodegradation takes place in landfills. Why?

The accelerated biodegradation of SMART TIGHTS tights requires a combination of several necessary conditions: high humidity, lack of oxygen and high presence of certain bacteria. Such conditions are only in landfills with controlled conditions!

So, the use of SMART TIGHTS tights reduces the generation of textile waste and keeps our nature and surroundings cleaner! And we all know that every small step towards a less wasteful life helps. Whether it be recycling or reusing your trash, using environmentally friendly products or even taking care of plants!


  • The Amni Soul Eco® yarn used in the production of SMART TIGHTS is non-toxic to your skin.
  • Decomposes in a landfill in about 3 years – it is 80% faster than ordinary tights ( which decompose in nature in about 60-80 years).
  • After getting to a landfill, SMART TIGHTS products quickly decompose into organic matter (biomass) and gas. It can be used by the ground. Decomposition also produces energy.
  • SMART TIGHTS tights can be recycled and used to create other materials.
  • SMART TIGHTS tights allow the skin to breathe easily, are comfortable and soft on the foot. They are easy to wash and dry.

Did you know that you can now buy Smart Tights laundry bags separately as well?

To keep your hosiery from breaking, you need to use a laundry bag! It’s one of the most necessary things to keep them from breaking.

Our SMART TIGHTS laundry bag has become quite popular among our customers. And for that reason, everyone who kept asking if we could also sell them separately, we’ve got you covered!

When you’ve got your desired tights and socks in your shopping cart ready, you can choose to add a laundry bag into your order with the price of 2.49€!

PS! The laundry bag comes for free with SMART TIGHTS 30DEN quickly biodegrading tights.

SMART TIGHTS laundry bag


Which waste container do I have to throw my Smart Tights products in, so they would definitely end up in the correct landfill for them to biodegrade?

When you decide not to use the article anymore, the destination must be the same as for any

other type of textile article. Firstly, the products should preferably be forwarded to another user for reuse! This way someone else can use them if you no longer need them yourself. If that’s not possible and the tights have served its purpose completely and you want to dispose of them, they should be thrown into the “mixed waste” container. That way you can be sure, that the products will end up in a landfill where they can quickly biodegrade.

Is Smart Tights compostable? Can I put them in my own household waste, so it would biodegrade?

No. Although composting is an alternative to landfilling, SMART TIGHTS is not a compostable product and is not subject to certification standards for compostable products. It was developed specifically for landfill disposal. These products biodegrade only when exposed to a combination of ideal conditions, which are high humidity, absence of oxygen, and high concentrations of anaerobic methanogenic bacteria. Such conditions will only occur when the product is disposed of in a landfill.

Are they as durable as regular tights?

Of course. SMART TIGHTS tights, knee-highs and socks are as durable as regular tights. For your hosiery to endure different conditions better and to keep them from breaking, you’ll have to take care of them. You can find the care instruction for that here.

Do Smart Tights products have toxic components to humans or to the

No. Smart Tights products have no toxic components in its formulation. The product is Oekotex® certified. The residues of its biodegradation are basically organic compounds, in the same way as residues from other natural biodegradable materials such as paper and cotton.

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