Love Basket: Slam Dunk Your Love with Style!

Brr, boo, bae! No, this isn’t the intro to the popular ’80s song “Hafanana”. These are the names of gift baskets! In the autumn of 2023, just before Halloween, TikTok trends exploded with videos of people grabbing baskets and stuffing them with all sorts of things: soft ghost figures, vampire teeth, and witchy cupcakes – running to delight relatives, friends, and sometimes even neighbors. This sparked a new wave of popularity for gift baskets, echoes of which carried over into the winter holidays, and now, as St. Valentine’s Day approaches, people are increasingly typing “Valentine’s Day gift basket” into Google.

In our blog, we’ll delve into the mysterious “brr-boo-bae”, explore what to fill gift baskets with, and even introduce you to our very own bae (or love) basket, with which you can delight your significant other or a friend on St. Valentine’s Day.

An example of a bae basket

“A Spooky” Halloween Gift Basket

“Halloween Gift Basket” is quite a mouthful to say, not to mention to type out. How else to name a holiday of fear, spirits, and various spooks than simply “boo!”? Hence, the name – the ‘boo basket’.

What to fill it with? The season and the holiday of Halloween itself, or rather its main exclamation, suggest the right answer: trick or treat!

Of course, we won’t add anything too nasty, though the choice remains yours: you could sneak in some harmless pranks like bloodied vampire teeth or a witch’s evil eye.

But you can add plenty of sweets! The more, the better! And since sweets go perfectly with coffee, it would be a great idea to include a seasonal pumpkin spice or a set of syrups in the basket.

Sweets – check! Coffee/tea – check! Something’s missing…
Something soft and plushy! What’s a Boo basket without a warm blanket and a pair of wonderful fluffy socks? Especially in the chilly autumn, when bone-chilling horrors roam the streets demanding candy, we should pay extra attention to keeping our loved ones’ feet warm. And if fluffy socks don’t fit into the thematic or color scheme of your basket, why not try something from the Halloween socks collection?

Halloween 7 day gift box is a good alternative for a gift basket

Cozy Christmas Gift Basket

Leaving behind ghosts, witches, and cobwebs, we venture into the realm of chill, snow, and festive spirit! The closer Christmas gets, the more we want to delight our loved ones, the more we wish to become Santa or at least one of his elves for a moment. From this combination of pre-Christmas coolness and an uncontrollable sense of generosity, the so-called ‘brr basket’ was born. After all, brr, it’s cold outside!

You’re probably guessing what the first “must have” in your future brr basket is. Right, a blanket! But while a thin blanket might have sufficed in autumn, by the end of December, it’s definitely time to get something more substantial, like a wool blanket. If your loved ones adore softness and special comfort, consider an alpaca wool blanket. It has outstanding heat retention qualities, is hypoallergenic, and does not itch like sheep’s wool products.

Alpaca blanket or scarf will be a luxurious addition to your gift basket

Scarves, hats, Christmas socks, gloves, or mittens – all will be warmly welcomed in a basket for the winter holidays. To create a cozy atmosphere at home, aromatic candles are a must-have. Nowadays, there’s a great variety of them with different scents.

Want to decorate your basket with fir branches? Don’t forget about a candle with the scent of festive fir. Or, if you plan to include gingerbread cookies as a sweet treat, why not add a candle with the same aroma?

Or, ultimately, feel like a real perfumer by creating your unique scent from essential oils and adding it to a homemade candle! Let your Christmas basket be the warmest and most heartfelt.

Romantic St. Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

And when the warmth of such care melts the January ice and hearts flutter in anticipation of love, then the third and final basket – the bae basket – comes into play.

Strictly speaking, this type of gift basket is not exclusive to St. Valentine’s Day. Bae is an American slang abbreviation of the word babe, meaning it’s a set that you give to your significant other tailored to their desires, hobbies, interests, and needs. While some standardization can be found in the brr and boo baskets, in the bae basket, it’s almost impossible.

Does your crush adore analog sound and The Beatles? Gift a vinyl record! Your friend is crazy about Star Wars and falls asleep amidst a pile of plush toys? A Baby Yoda toy from “The Mandalorian” series is a definite fit for her basket.

Be creative, pay close attention to what she/he tells you, and your basket will leave an unforgettable impression! Also, remember the golden trio of any basket, whether it’s a boo, brr, or bae: sweets, skincare products, and socks! There can never be too many of them, and they’re always needed. Tasty sweets will always be eaten, hand cream will be used up, and socks will continue to warm the hearts of the recipients and please their eyes for a long time.

St. Valentine's gift box

Love Basket from Sokisahtel

Naturally, we follow the trends! We’re definitely experts in tracking trends, but for us, it’s not just about that. We understand that delving into the nuances of boo, brr, and bae can be both a great pleasure and a daunting task, one that not everyone has the desire, strength, time, or even imagination to tackle.

LOVE BASKET - a luxurious and heartwarming bae basket for your significant other

And what’s wrong with that? We believe that everyone has the right to choose the shortest path, especially if it’s of high quality and well-maintained. That’s why at Sokisahtel, we’ve created a basket for you, each element of which is carefully and meticulously selected. This way, you can save time on choosing the items for the basket, give a ready-made one, and spend more quality time with those who are significant and dear to you!

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