Thermal wear for men and women: 12 important questions and answers!

If you enjoy cool weather and spend a lot of time outside, thermal underwear is a real lifesaver! It helps to keep warm and protects you from unpleasant sensations in cold weather conditions. How to choose the right warm underwear? What materials is it made of? Are there differences in men’s and women’s thermal underwear? Is it important for the elderly to use thermal wear?

Read on for the 12 most frequently asked questions about thermal underwear to help you choose the right kit for your needs, allowing you to enjoy walks, vacations or your favorite sports in the open air and in all weather conditions.

Thermal underwear

What is thermal wear? And how does it work?

Thermal underwear is clothing that helps the body retain heat in cold weather. It is made of special materials that trap heat and prevent it from escaping. Thus, thermal wear creates an insulating layer that allows the body to retain heat and feel comfortable in cold conditions.

How to choose the right size for thermal wear?

To choose the right size thermal wear, it is necessary to measure the chest circumference, waist and hip size and compare them with the manufacturer’s size chart. In addition, make sure that the warm clothes are against the skin, but not too tight, so that the use is as comfortable as possible and the warm clothes can keep you warm. In Sokisahtel, you can find thermal underwear sizes XS-XXL, in different colors and materials!

Can thermal clothing be washed in a washing machine?

Most thermal clothing can be machine washed, but be sure to check the washing instructions on the product label before washing to avoid damaging the material. It is recommended to use a gentle wash program and not to use bleaching or rinsing agents, which can damage the fabric and spoil its properties. If your purchased warm underwear contains merino wool, you should ensure that the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees, and the thermal clothing should also be dried on a smooth and flat surface. Proper and careful care of clothes helps maintain their presentable appearance and extend the product’s service life.

How often should you wash thermal wear?

It is usually recommended to wash the thermal underwear after each use, especially after physical activity, to remove odors and bacteria. Thanks to the special properties of merino wool and polyester, warm underwear can be washed after several wears, if it has only been used as an extra layer under other clothing. The material of the merino wool laundry is antibacterial and thanks to this it also keeps bad odors at bay.

What is thermal wear made of?

Thermal wear can be made from a variety of materials, including natural, synthetic and combined options. Some of the most common thermo wear materials include merino wool, polyester, polyamide and elastane, which provide good thermal insulation, moisture absorption and wearing comfort. Our especially warm LANA collection contains exactly these components. Let’s talk more about the two main components of Sokisahtel thermo clothing: polyester and merino wool. For extra warmth, choose merino wool socks and wrap a nice alpaca wool scarf around your neck!

Polyester in thermal wear

A popular material for the production of thermal underwear. It allows air to pass through, dries quickly, is resistant to wear, soft and light. In addition, it does not absorb odors and ensures a comfortable body temperature during sports and active lifestyle.

Merino wool in thermal wear

Merino wool is a durable and soft material that is ideal for making thermal underwear. It has unique thermoregulatory properties that allow you to maintain a comfortable body temperature. In addition, it does not cause allergies, absorbs moisture perfectly, does not absorb odors and does not require special care.

Merino wool thermo wear with polyester

Allows to combine the good properties of both materials. Merino wool ensures thermoregulation and absorbs moisture, while polyester dries quickly, is resistant to wear and deformation, as well as light and soft. These two components successfully complement each other. This thermo wear is comfortable in any situation in any weather!

Merino wool in thermal wear

Do you need to wear something under your thermal wear?

Thermal wear can usually be worn without putting anything on first. If you need extra protection or support, you can wear underwear or corrective underwear under thermal clothing to improve comfort. But remember that the underwear under thermal wear must also conduct moisture well.

Is thermal wear suitable for wearing as regular clothing?

Some manufacturers create thermal wear with a design and cut that allows it to be worn as a separate garment. However, in most cases, thermal clothing is designed to be worn under other items to ensure body thermoregulation and protection from the cold. In the end, however, it remains your choice whether the thermal clothes are suitable for wearing separately or only under other clothes. Watch out for see-through material!

thermal wear

Which clothes should be worn over thermo wear?

Which layer of clothing to wear over the thermal wear depends on the weather conditions and the intensity of the activity. It mainly depends on the air temperature and the degree of physical activity. It is important to choose a suitable warming and protective layer for specific conditions. Sokisahtel’s thermal wear models cover air temperatures from -15 to +20 degrees. From mid-spring to early autumn, the ENERGY series, which is made of lighter materials, is suitable. This model is best when the thermometer stays above zero (up to +20 degrees). From mid-autumn to early spring, it is good to use the LANA series. It contains high-quality merino wool and keeps the body warm even at -15 degrees!

women’s thermal wear

How warm is thermal wear and is it suitable for extreme conditions?

Thermal wear was created to help the body retain heat in cold weather conditions. It can keep warm in a wide temperature range, depending on the thickness of the fabric and the quality of the materials. However, in extreme conditions, such as Arctic expeditions, special thermal clothing with a higher level of thermal insulation could be used. In the north, several layers of clothing are generally used, not just one or two layers. In such a set, one layer could be a merino wool shirt and merino wool leggings.

How does women’s thermal wear differ from men’s thermal wear?

Women’s thermal wear usually has a silhouette that takes into account the anatomy of the female body — it narrows at the waist and widens at the hips. Also, its design and colors may be more vivid than men’s. But in general, the materials and technologies used to make thermal clothing are similar for both men and women.

Can thermal underwear be worn in summer or in warm climates?

The thermal underwear set is designed to keep you warm in cold weather, so it is not necessary to wear it in hot weather. However, in some cases, such as fluctuating temperatures and intense sports in cool weather, a thermal wash can be useful for wicking away moisture and for use as a breathable layer. Our ENERGY series is specially designed for this purpose and can be used at temperatures up to +20 degrees. In warm climates, avoid activities in direct sunlight, drink more water and protect your body from overheating!

Should older people wear thermal underwear?

Yes, older people are advised to wear thermal clothing in cold weather. Thermal clothing helps maintain body heat, which is especially important for older people, who may have more difficulty keeping their body warm and regulating their temperature. As a result, the risk of colds and other cold injuries also decreases.

thermalwear for men
thermalwear for men
thermalwear for men

Bonus question: why choose thermal wear from Sokisahtel?

Sokisahtel’s thermal wear is a great choice for those looking for clothing that keeps them warm in cold weather. Thanks to its thermoregulating ability, it is suitable not only for sports, but also for everyday wear. Antibacterial fabric provides protection against unpleasant odors. Also, properly made ergonomic seams ensure a comfortable fit and do not rub the skin. If you are looking for thermal clothing that combines functionality, comfort and quality, you should check out Sokisahtel’s thermal clothing!

Thermal clothing is the perfect way to keep warm in all weathers, and it’s not just for athletes! Regardless of age and activity level, wearing warm underwear can benefit everyone. Now that you know how to choose, wash and wear thermal clothing correctly, you can enjoy walks in the fresh air even when the temperature drops below zero. So don’t put off buying thermal clothing – it’s really clothing that can improve the quality of life in cold weather, keep your loved ones healthy and well, and make your outdoor adventures more comfortable!

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