How to Get Free Socks From Sokisahtel?

Celebrating Sokisahtel’s birthday, every Friday we’re giving back the money for your order to 5 of our customers. The campaign is valid through the whole April!

This year everything is different and the same goes with us as well! This year we’re celebrating our birthday in April, and Sokisahtel is already 11 years old! And now note – since celebrating a birthday this year is more difficult than ever in stores, this year our birthday party happens online! And we’re the ones making the gifts!

Free socks from Sokisahtel?!

Every Friday 5 lucky people will get their money for their order back!

Every Friday at 15:00 be sure to watch and follow Sokisahtel’s Facebooki and Insta and find out if you are one of the lucky ones to get money back from Sokisahtel for your order!

And that’s not all! Celebrate our birthday together with us and use the code SOKK30, which gives you -30% on our website! Use the coupon SOKK30 in your shopping cart and -30% discount will apply!

Find cute 2021 Mother’s Day gifts from Sokisahtel! 

If you are looking for a good and practical Mother’s Day gift, or if you want to find suitable tights to match a cute dress for your mother or yourself, you will definitely find them from Sokisahtel! We have prepared gift boxes, new socks and a funky cake recipe for you to spend this year’s Mother’s Day with great love! This recipe is a golden classic with a twist –  chocolate cream cheesecake with peppercorns! We promise, this cake will leave everyone amazed!

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