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Hello everyone, friends of culture and Tartu! By now we probably all know that Tartu has been chosen as the European capital of culture in 2024! It is a great honor for our lovely university city and an opportunity to show the world our unique culture, history and modernity. Tartu 2024 is something worth talking about!

Tartu, Southern Estonia and the Kissing Students

If you have visited Tartu before, you already know how much this city has to offer. Tartu is the oldest city in Estonia, full of lively spirit, academic atmosphere and rich history. The pride of the city of Tartu is the University of Tartu, one of the oldest universities in Europe, known for its top-level research.

But Tartu is much more than just a university town – here tradition and innovation meet, as well as old fortresses and modern architecture. The most famous fountain “Kissing students” on the Town Hall square is also the one that people from all over Europe come to see and take pictures with.

On the Emajõe side, there is also the newest bright red landmark of the city of Tartu #TARTU2024, which has turned out to be a real tourist magnet!

Tartu is not limited to the city, the whole of Southern Estonia is full of exciting places, events and attractions. Take a look and make a plan!

Kissing students

Tartu 2024 program and events

Tartu 2024 program and events

The year of the Capital of Culture is full of various events and activities for everyone – both local residents and visitors. During this year, Tartu becomes lively and bubbling, being full of various cultural events, concerts, theater performances, exhibitions and much more.

All these events bring additional energy to the city and create unforgettable experiences for everyone who stays here. Already on October 19, the Tartu 2024 team will make public all the awesome experiences that you can enjoy throughout the year!

Although the main program lines are already in place, the doors of the secret box of events will be opened in October. A lot of emphasis is placed on sustainability and originality, which Tartu and Southern Estonia have a lot of in general! We are very excited!

Arts of Survival merch

And what could be a better way to remember Tartu 2024 than purchasing special cultural capital merchandise? The selection includes a variety of products including hoodies and sweaters, t-shirts, socks, beanies and badges, all designed with the Arts of Survival theme.

The Tartu 2024 merch is an excellent souvenir and a great way to express your love for Tartu. This way, you will have memorable memories that will last long after this special year.

Hoodies and T-shirts with a modern design are timeless, so you can wear them throughout the year of culture and beyond, show your support with merchandise! Colored badges can also be worn on your hats or bags!

Survival merch

Tartu 2024 team – how to get involved?


Becoming a Capital of Culture is a great opportunity to highlight the unique qualities of our city and attract more visitors. This is the time when we can show the world our culture, art, education and, of course, the hospitality of the people of Tartu.

Would you like to contribute to the functioning of Tartu 2024? Wear the official T-shirt or hoodie, tell your friends and family about the different events and take part yourself. Share the information on social media too! Let’s stick together and go to events together, that’s how the culture continues!

The best way to support is to be there! We are ready to welcome you all with open arms and share our rich cultural heritage!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Tartu in 2024 and enjoy what the European capital of culture has to offer. Get exclusive Tartu 2024 capital of culture products from the nearest Tartu Sokisahtel store or our webstore and always remember this special experience. We are waiting for you in Tartu!


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