Tights’ Recommedations From Our Office Ladies


Environmentally friendly Grete and Kreete – ECOCARE line

In Sokisahtel we believe that taking care of our nature and surroundings is essential! If you’re in need of comfortable tights and want to give your contribution to keeping the environment clean, the ECOCARE line is perfect for you. ECOCARE tights are made from environmentally friendly NILIT nylon. This multilayered nylon yarn is produced in such a way that the nylon residue which comes from regular production is recycled. Thereby a new fiber is formed and a lot of material and water are saved through its production. Through this type of manufacturing, the amount of waste created is minimized as much as possible. You can find both thinner and thicker tights in our ECOCARE line. The variety is colorful: we have white, black, red and spotted – with a pattern or just plain ones, whatever works the best for you! In our office, we have a cool name-duo who has decided to wear our environmentally friendly tights. The big variety of the ECOCARE line suits both of the women – concrete Kreete and softer Grete. The names may be slightly different but the care for the environment and comfortable tights is something that they both share!  


The classic Katrin – EVITA 3D 20 DEN

If you’re looking for something classic and matte but still very feminine, EVITA tights is the right choice for you. Its 3D texture gives the tights an unprecedented strength and elasticity which makes the tights last three times longer. The longer the tights last the better and if the tights sit nicely on the leg – even better!  EVITA tights sit perfectly, the edge doesn’t start rolling nor do they wrinkle. These tights are so soft and silky that you don’t even feel them while wearing! EVITA 3D tights are available in both black and skin tone. In our office, Katrin wears EVITA tights daily as the tone of the tights perfectly matches her own skin-tone. Katrin recommends EVITA tights especially for those who have struggled with finding silky and matching tights to their skin.



Sensational Piret and Maarja – SENSATION 15 DENIER, SENSATION Push Up 15 DENIER

SENSATION tights are made from nanofibre and thus make them especially comfortable to wear. They sit just like a second skin! They are made from revolutionary yarn, which is best characterized by its unique softness. The feel of these tights is luxurious compared to others. If you feel like wearing a nice dress or a skirt to the office, SENSATION is the choice for you as the waistband is gentle and the stitches will not show through your clothes. This is exactly why Piret and Maarja from our office have decided to wear SENSATION tights, they recommend these especially for women who mostly wear dresses. Some people want their tights to have a trim effect on their tights while wearing dresses, if that’s the case, we have SENSATION Push Up tights, which are shape-adjusting. Choosing the right size will lead to tights which sit perfectly on your body!


Busy bees Monika and Liivika – CONTROL 40 DENIER

CONTROL 40 DENIER tights are shape-adjusting. In addition, the toe part is strengthened and thus will not break as easily as other tights. If you’re someone who is always on the go or wearing heels all day, these tights are perfect for you. Liivika and Monika have chosen CONTROL tights just for those reasons.  They’re up on their feet all day and thus need the the tights to be comfortable and durable. Another amazing thing about CONTROL tights is the fact that if you quickly need to switch to a skirt or a dress, the tights won’t leave a mark on your clothes – the stitches wont show.  


Busy bees

Shaping Egle and Margarita – MICRO Push Up 20 DENIER and 50 DENIER

MICRO Push Up tights are very elastic and comfy. These tights shape your figure while pushing your stomach in and lift your butt. In our office, Egle and Margarita have chosen MICRO Push Up tights. These tights are perfect under tight clothes. These tights are available in both black and skin tone. In addition, you can choose either between 20 DENIER or 50 DENIER. MICRO Push Up tights are perfect under fancy clothes because of their gentle gloss.


Relaxing Eneli – RELAX 20 DENIER and 40 DENIER

RELAX tights are gentle, healing and calming tights with a centerpiece. Thanks to their special fibre the tights last much longer. Gradual pressure makes your legs seem slimmer and helps to prevent cellulite and vascular extensions. Eneli is up on her feet but also has a lot of sitting to do, this means that her legs are in need of relaxing and comfy tights. Eneli recommends these tights a lot and says they’re perfect for working in an office. These tights are available both in 20 DENIER, 40 DENIER and in black and skin tone.



Feminine Kristin and Kristiina – OLIVIA

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