ALPACA WOOL white glittering socks

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Alpaca wool white sparkly socks for women

Alpacas are mainly bred for their excellent wool. Alpaca wool is shiny and silky, soft and luxurious. Alpaca wool is considered to be 7 times warmer and 3 times stronger than sheep's wool, it is not prickly and does not contain lanolin, so it is allergy-free. Wool is available in 22 different natural shades. The carding, spinning and weaving of alpaca wool is very similar to that of sheep's wool. Alpacas are generally sheared once a year in the spring. Each shearing yields about 2.2 to 4.5 kg of wool. Wool quality is measured in microns (mc-micron), but other properties are also taken into account, such as wool uniformity. They also determine the price of wool.

Color: white
Composition: 27% alpaca wool, 58% acrylic, 12% polyamide, 3% lurex
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