Women’s tights - which ones to choose? Tights for women. The selection of tights is large. How to choose tights for everyday events and festive occasions? Does it even make a difference? Which tights to choose for office days? There are many types of tights for everyday wear. 40den microfiber ECOCARE tights which is semi-opaque and matte are some of the most loved tights in Sokisahtel. Durable and comfortable. Large sizes have extra gussets that make them comfortable to wear. The selection...
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Which tights to choose?

We have a lot of tights to choose from, so you can be sure to find a fitting pair for every situation.

But how to choose the right pair? We have gathered some tips and tricks which should help you while choosing tights - as we want you to find the perfect ones for you! 

Elegant tights are thinner and opaque 40-100den tights are excellent for everyday wear. In addition to regular tights, we also have a selection of tights which are suitable for weddings!

We all know that in the cold winter it is good to put on thicker tights that keep your legs warm. We also have a selection of woolen ones, read more about merino, alpaca and angora wool products. There is also a selection of cotton tights, with and without a pattern, just find your favorites!

Tights are not made to be only worn in cold weather and during chilly winters! 

For the summer, we have a lot of thin tights (8-30DEN), both classical monochromatic and patterned tights, that will perfect your summer outfits! You will also find a great variety of fishnet tights from us. In addition to regular tights, we also have a selection of body shaping tights.

With shaping tights you can bring out your best figure with every outfit!

Patterned and colored tights

You can add personality to your outfits with fancy patterned tights. We offer many different patterned tights, such as floral, checkered, polka dot - there are many to choose from.

However, if your outfit doesn’t match well with patterns, you will also find a large selection of monochromatic tights. We adore colors and that’s why we have made some tights with bolder colours as well, such as blue, purple, red, green and yellow

In addition to colors, of course, we also have a large selection of the essentials - black and nude tights.

What size tights should I buy?

Everyone who wears tights on a daily basis knows that tights or hold-ups that are too big or too small will start to sag while walking. This is very inconvenient and takes unnecessary time to always adjust the tights. To avoid this, it is necessary to find tights that are the right size for you.

When choosing the right tights, the length, weight and hip circumference are taken into account.

Our general sizing table is helpful.

If in doubt about whether to take a smaller or larger size, then we suggest sizing up!  Too small tights wear out faster and are uncomfortable to wear. If you have long legs, we also recommend sizing up, this way they fit better.

Size charts may vary by model of tights. If the tights are tightly patterned, it is worth taking a larger size.

In addition to regular sizes, we also offer a wide selection of Plus-Size tights. So that everyone can wear the tights they want!

How to wash tights?

As with all things, tights last longer with proper care! It's horribly annoying to constantly look for and buy new tights when the old ones wear out again. In order not to have to change them so quickly, we have put together our care tips for you!

It is best to wash your tights by hand in about 30 degree water. It’s more than understandable that not everyone has time to wash their tights by hand! In these cases, throw the tights in the washing machine and select the cold water function. We definitely recommend using a laundry bag as well. Following these tips, your tights and stockings will last much longer!

What are eco-friendly tights and why should you choose them?

Even with proper care, it’s understandable that still tights need to be changed every once in a while, and if you wear outfits that require you to wear hold-ups or tights every day, you can go through many pairs throughout the year! 

Did you know that the decomposition time of regular tights in a landfill is up to 100 years ?! It's a crazy long time, and it’s horrible to think about how many pairs of tights end up in the landfills every year! This is why we worked with specialists to develop SMART TIGHTS tights that will break down in a landfill in just 3 years! That makes an insane difference compared to the decay time of regular tights. We are very happy about this achievement and the development of the product line, because we try our hardest to leave behind a cleaner and more environmentally friendly planet.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the Smart Tights and recycled Ecocare product lines are particularly skin-friendly and comfortable. In addition to various tights, the selection also includes socks and knee-highs. In case you haven't tried these products yet, you should definitely give them a try!