For which occasion are personalized socks made for? 

We believe that there are many situations in which personalized socks are perfect! Fun events and important dates that could be marked on the socks. You can modify the text or numbers on the socks as you please, everything can be done from dates and initials to the name of your event.


Some examples of situations where personalized socks have had a huge role:

Weddings - You have been wondering what to give as wedding favors? Personalized socks are perfect for it - the guest gets a lovely but useful gift. Another possibility would be to gift socks with the wedding date to the groom - he will forever remember the date and has a reminder to buy anniversary flowers for his wife.

There is an endless number of moments where you wonder what to get as a gift to a person who already has everything. In this situation, yet again personalized socks could be something the person would rock. 

The most convenient part is that there is no limit when it comes to ordering socks with embroidery. If you need 10 pairs, we’ll make them for you; only need one? No problem either. That’s why we’re also suitable for small teams and clubs who haven’t gotten the chance to have their own socks just because the necessary minimum order limit is bigger than they need. We’re here to make as many socks as you wish for! 


FRANKA socks for beloved mom, red roses pattern  VALDUR black socks for men with the text "BEST DAD" in English  Women's socks with personal name, ROMANTIK font style

Yes, it isn’t possible to make your personalized socks within a day - just give us a bit of time. Usually, we get them ready in 4-5 workdays, sometimes we’re a bit faster but some days we may have many other orders too. If that’s the case we’ll contact you straight away and find the best solution for both of us. If you want to order personalized socks but have some essential dates you need to consider - let us know and we’ll try to meet your needs as well as we can.   

What else? All the personalized socks come in beautiful gift packs, so there is no need for you to worry about the wrapping later! Again, if you have any special requests for the packaging, get in touch and we’ll try our best. 

By today, we have embroidered over 1000 pairs of personalized socks and our clients have loved them. The most heart-warming feedback has been from little boys who have gotten socks with their initials from Santa. The smile and pride on their faces if they get to wear socks personally made only for them!