is turning 10!


Yay! Sokisahtel turns already 10 in March! It’s always fun during birthdays to recall things that have been accomplished but also peek into the future. Aaaand in addition to yet again tell you our lovely beginning story. How and where did Sokisahtel come from?

It was the year 2009 when 3 acquaintances came together, every one of them with their own ideas and vision. Together they decided to bring color and fun into the sock drawers of fellow Estonians! In the beginning, the products could only be found from the aisles of different supermarkets but this changed quickly. The socks came with funny and cute stories, which soon had to make their way to be shared with our amazing clients. To make it happen, a small sock nest had to be created, the very first one was really tiny - only 15 square meters. Now as the years have passed thanks to our loyal customers, already 22 sock shops all over Estonia can be found. We have now started broadening our horizons outside Estonia too and can proudly say that our socks have found their home in the US, many different countries in Europe and also far-far away in Australia under the name of BestSockDrawer. 
The years have been long and full of hard work but all of it has been worth it! We are more than proud to say that there are still some people who have been with us on this adventure since the very beginning in 2010. Also, it has to be mentioned that Sokisahtel’s beautiful model has remained the same and deserves extra applause for her hard work. We at Sokisahtel are trying our hardest to still keep your feet warm in the future - through that the heart is warm and mind is clear!


Sokisahtel keeps both feet and hearts warm by taking part in the Duck Race. Duck Race is a charity event created in 2014 by the Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer. It is a rubber duck race held in the Kadrioru Canal. The aim of the event is to raise awareness about the situation of children with cancer and their families, to inform and call enterprises and individuals to participate in such helping families, where is a child with cancer. Sokisahtel has made special DUCK RACE socks and knee highs for men, women, and children. With every bought pair we support the Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer with 1 euro.



Sokisahtel cares about the environment and wholeheartedly supports environmental friendliness. In our stores, it is possible to leave the package to the store for it to be reused. This saves it from being uselessly thrown into the bin and thus fewer packages will be produced. We will reuse the same package already the next day! In addition to the packages, also the hooks, hangers, and plastic will be reused. If the packaging is damaged and cannot be used again, it will be sent to recycling.
We believe that every small step matters! Sokisahtel also has taken huge steps towards producing products that are created with keeping sustainability in mind. Thus we have created the ECOCARE line, which has been produced using the environmentally friendly Nilit Ecocare yarn. Different tights and travel stockings can be found in that line.   
You may wonder how much material and water is saved through the production our ECOCARE line? To create a visual, here are some numbers per 1 ton of produced yarn: 

- 6194 kW of saved energy, which is 87,6% less than in regular production
- 18 cubic meter of saved water

- 55% fewer resources

Next time when shopping in our stores, leave the packaging there to be reused. Every small step helps to get closer to a greener future!