ECOCARE plus size 80DEN black leggings for women

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SUSTAINABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY LEGGINGS. These are the leggings that we believe in. We are trying hard to keep the world a cleaner and better place. We have acknowledged the fact that hosiery and leggings can stay in nature for a long time and the production of such products uses a lot of resources. Throughout the years our loyal customers have requested products that have been produced sustainably and thus we've created a line which supports a greener way of living and helps to minimize the use of resources. That's why we believe in our ECOCARE line and hope that you also will become a fan of these amazing leggings!

WHAT IS IT? NILIT® Ecocare nylon yarn is produced in a way that reuses the residue from the production of regular leggings. Through reusing the excess material, a new fiber is created while saving water, material and minimalizing the amount of waste. We care about the environment and NILIT® Ecocare leggings are just perfect for combining a sustainable way of living and the development of the science behind the production of socks, tights and leggings.

HOW MUCH DOES IT SAVE? You may wonder how much material and water are saved through the production of our ECOCARE line.
To create a visual, here are some numbers per 1 ton of produced yarn:
- 6194kw of saved energy, which is 87,6% less than in regular production.
- 18 cubic meter of saved water.
Total: 55% fewer resources


What's the difference between plus size and regular size?
The plus-size leggings are more stretchy in the thighs and have a larger spacer, which makes the leggings comfortable and body-conforming for the wearer. Sokisahtel's plus size leggings are made with threads and machines that ensure special stretch.

Color: black
Composition: 93% polyamide, 7% elastane
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