SMART TIGHTS beige 30 DEN quickly biodegrading tights

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New and innovative Smart Tights eco-friendly tights which help to keep the world a cleaner place!


SMART TIGHTS are made of biodegradable yarn, which decomposes 80% faster than regular tights. These tights will decompose in a landfill within 3 years, while regular tights take up to 60-80 years to decompose! Let's keep the planet cleaner together with SMART TIGHTS! Smart Tights are OEKO-TEX® cetrified, made with Amni Soul Eco® yarn, which meets the ASTM D5511 standard.

Colour: beige
Composition: 84% polyamide, 16% elastane
30 DEN

Made on Earth
Designed in Estonia
Produced in Italy

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