12 ideas for recycling tights

The life of tights was too short? Don’t throw them away in the bin! How to use different parts of old tights for your home and gardening? Recycle your old tights in an entirely new way. That’s how you protect our nature. Unfortunately, 29% of all tights end up in a landfill, and ordinary tights decompose in nature in 60-80 years. Find out from this article how to extend the life of tights recycle them and thereby create less waste!

Door and window snake made of pantyhose

When the cold season comes, it is best to be warm inside your home, but sometimes the cold can find its way in from under the windowsill or door. Take an old pair of tights and cut off the foot part. Stuff the tights tightly with, for example, old shirts or anything else you like. Tie the ends. Place your tights worm by the door or on the windowsill. This homemade worm keeps the wind and cold out so that it is nice and cozy in your room!

Black tights
Tights with butterflies

Washing clothes in tights

Some washing machines are notorious for ruining or stretching delicate clothes. However, if we take the clean foot part of the pantyhose and tuck our soft clothes inside, we create a cute little bag for the clothes.

In such a stocking bag, tied at both ends, the clothes stay together beautifully on their own, and the washing machine cannot damage your delicate garments.

Reusable gift packaging from tights

It’s becoming more and more popular to use environmentally friendly packaging for gifts. Old tights can also help you with this! For example, if you have colorful or patterned tights, cut them into pieces of appropriate size and wrap your gift inside the tights.

Since it does not wrinkle or tear, this gift wrapping can be used repeatedly. Then, make a tie (of recycled hosiery, of course) on the package, and you’re ready for birthdays or holidays!

Tights with flowers
Tights with a pattern

Decorating with tights

When your bold patterned tights don’t find any use on your legs anymore, use them to cover Halloween pumpkins. Checked, striped, or floral, pantyhose will quickly make any pumpkin exciting!

The same can be done with Christmas baubles hanging from the tree. This way, you can give your existing Christmas decorations a new look, and you don’t have to buy new ones.

Balls of yarn inside tights

Many grandmothers like to knit, but the soft balls of yarn can get messy in a big pile. So instead, cut off the foot part of the tights so you can pull the tights around the ball of yarn.

This way, the ball of yarn will not unravel, and you can safely leave it in the knitting basket without making a mess!

Tights with a panther pattern
Tights with dots

Grass head made of tights

The green spring grass is so lovely! If you can’t grow it outside, why not bring it to your windowsill? To do this, take the toe end of your old tights, fill it with sawdust and add grass seeds to the sawdust before tying it. Next, you can change the tied knot on the top of the head of the grass into hair or hide it with a tie. Next, decorate with eyes, nose, mouth, and water it carefully.

Finally, you can cut the green hair of the grass head and tie it into a braid; it’s almost like being a hairdresser!

Vacuum cleaner and tights

There’s a magical place under the sofa where all the little things seem to disappear. However, it is rather tricky to get them out from there.

To prevent any tiny Lego pieces or earrings from getting into the vacuum cleaner, pull a part of the pantyhose around the vacuum cleaner tube, for example, using a rubber dam. You can use the vacuum cleaner, but no tiny pieces will get into the machine.

Tights with a flower pattern
Tights with a flower pattern
Plus-size pink tights
Black tights with a flower pattern

Organize clothes with tights in your suitcase

It always happens while going on a trip that you quickly have to find a particular thing in your suitcase when you arrive somewhere. So you can create a tube from the leg part of the tights, where you can put a selection of clothes. Grab a pipe from the suitcase, and all the necessary clothes are already sorted! One tube is ready for each day, and the dirty clothes can also be put in the tube of tights so that when you get home, you don’t have to look through your suitcase to see where the clothes that need to be washed went.

Tights with bowties
Tights with red flowers

Organize jewelry using tights

If your earrings are scattered in your jewelry box and do not seem to stay in order, tights can also help. A good trick is to take a picture frame and remove the back, so only the frame part remains. Next, attach a square portion of the pantyhose that covers the back of the frame. Lean the frame against the wall and hang the earrings through the pantyhose.

All your earrings are beautifully organized and beautiful to look at! Almost as if they’re being put on display. 

Get rid of the smell of sweat with tights

Boots that have been worn for a long time can make the feet sweat, and because of this, an unpleasant smell remains in the shoes. To remove the odor:

  1. Cut off the leg part of the pantyhose.
  2. Fill the bag with, for example, cat litter, coffee grounds, or baking soda.
  3. Tie the ends and place them inside the shoes.

These substances absorb odor and moisture from the shoes, and the unpleasant smell disappears.

Tights with red and silver pattern
Plus-size tights in the color yellow

Clean tiny toys with pantyhose

Washing Legos and other tiny toys can be a tricky job. But if you make a bag out of tights and put everything you need in it, you can wash them in the dishwasher!

This way, the pieces stay together but at the same time get nicely clean again!

Pantyhose hats for plants

We like to eat things grown in our gardens, but so do birds and rodents. So that the pumpkin does not have beak marks and the tomato does not have tooth marks, cut a pantyhose bag of the size suitable for your plant. Roll it over the plant. 

Tights let the sunlight through, and the plants can grow, but no crow or mouse wants a pumpkin with weird skin made of tights!

Sheer tights

If you can’t or don’t want to recycle your old tights anymore, it’s time to choose new ones from Sokisahtel! In addition to the regular ones, you can select Smart Tights from Sokisahtel, quickly biodegrading pantyhose products! They break down in nature within as quickly as three years, and thus less garbage is created in nature. 

Go look for your old stockings and pantyhose from the bottom of the drawer, and happy crafting!

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