It often happens to all of us when one single sock from a pair of socks gets lost somewhere. As if it vanished straight into the sky. Once it falls out of the gym bag, another time it disappears at your child’s birthday party, and the third time is the most typical situation: the damn washing machine eats your socks for lunch again.  Another annoying case is when you have two nice socks, and suddenly one gets a hole in it. Well, what are you going to do with the other sock?

If you have beautiful socks, you don’t want to throw that single unfortunate sock into the trash bin. Luckily we have quite a few good ideas for what to do with those unpaired or old socks. So go search for your single socks from your drawer and find a use for them! 

  • A single old sock can be successfully used as a washing sponge in the bathroom. The bathroom needs proper scrubbing every now and then, or you want your summer sneakers to be shiny again. That’s where the single old sock from your drawer comes in handy. Put the soap pieces inside the sock, tie it on top, and you have a lovely washing sponge. Make both the bathroom and sneakers shine again!
  • Who doesn’t like a clean home? Used or single socks are the world’s best dusters. Tie an old sock tightly to the brush handle, and now you can access even the most annoying dusty places, such as cobwebs under the ceiling. After cleaning, you can send the sock straight to the trash bin. Easy and convenient.
socks with ladybugs
yellow socks with a black cat and bats
  • If the sneakers were washed clean with a single sock, you could also shine the boots with an old sock. Socks work much better than regular kitchen sponges and leave a beautiful shine on your shoes.
  • When you go on a trip, sometimes you still want to take more delicate items with you, such as a camera and its lenses. You can safely pack them in single socks, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking in your suitcase or bag! But if you are a particularly worrying type, pull several pairs of socks around delicate things. All single socks get to join your vacation! 
  • In the old days, when delicate piggy banks were not available in every dollar store, coins and spare change were stored in a sock. That way, you, too, can use your single sock as a piggy bank. If porcelain pigs are easy to break in kids’ hands, there is no such fear with socks. And no one will know to look for coins in one of your single socks!
  • We all know that vodka socks are suitable for bringing down a fever. Even the fashionistas know that vodka socks don’t have to be from the same pair or match the bed sheets. You need to dissolve the vodka and then dip the socks in it. Wet socks must be pulled on, and a pair of woolen socks must be added on top of them, and then you have to crawl under a blanket. This is how single socks can heal you. 
socks with bugs
nautical themed blue socks
  • However, suppose you’re moving and running out of newspaper to wrap glasses and vases. In that case, it’s better to use individual old socks. The socks are soft and hold your things, so they don’t get damaged during transport. If it is a very delicate item, feel free to wrap it in several pairs of socks. This way, you can be sure that all the stuff stays intact during the move.
  • Everyone likes to have a pleasant fresh smell on their clean clothes. To do this, you can fill a single sock with dried flowers and herbs, sew it on top, and put it in a drawer to spread the scent. Lavender and rosemary smell especially lovely. Hide homemade fragrance sachets in cupboard corners or drawers. It is worth making a new bag every month to keep the beautiful smell fresh.
  • A proper puppet theater brings joy to small children. Make puppets out of old single socks, practice some ventriloquism and have a puppet theater night for the toddlers. The eyes for the sock puppets can be made from buttons, and mouths and hair can be cut from an old colored t-shirt, for example. Let your creativity fly!
  • An excellent trick to use single knee-highs in the household is to use them as a laundry bag in the washing machine. Find a single knee-high, put in delicate items that might otherwise get ruined in the washing machine (for example, sheer tights or lace underwear), tie the top of the knee-high, and put it in the washing machine. This way, you can ensure that delicate items will remain intact and be cleaned thoroughly. 
socks with bunnies and carrots
socks with cheeseballs and mice
  • During renovation work, it sometimes happens that the paint can stays open for a bit too long and tends to get lumpy. Terribly annoying. Then, old sheer tights come in handy instead! Feel free to strain the paint through the pantyhose, and you can easily continue the paint work.
  • And if you have a particularly bold style, put together new pairs of your single socks. Take off your shoes and feel free to throw your feet on the table in your office, so everyone sees your remarkable and outstanding style. Life is too short to wear socks from the same boring pairs anyway!

If you have beautiful and decent socks, you don’t want to throw that single unfortunate sock in the trash just like that. Fortunately, now you have quite a few good ideas for what to do with those single or old socks. Go look for those unfortunate socks in the drawer and find a use for them!

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