Nilit® Ecocare: Caring for the Environment, Focused on the Future

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What are environmentally friendly tights?

Throughout the years our loyal customers have been asking for tights that have been created using environmentally friendly yarn.  NILIT® Ecocare nylon yarn is produced in a way that reuses the residue from production. Through reusing that material, new fiber is created with saving water, material and minimizing the amount of waste. We care about the environment and NILIT® Ecocare tights are just perfect for combining a sustainable way of living and the development of the science behind the production of socks and tights.
NILIT® Ecocare‘s approach has seen the need for high-energy stages in the production process removed. This success has enabled a significant amount of various resources to not just be merely conserved but made available for future generations. The manufacturing of NILIT® Ecocare yarns leaves behind a greener and more sustainable future.

You may wonder how much material and water is saved through the production of our Ecocare line? To create a visual, here are some numbers per 1 ton of produced yarn:

  • 6194 kW of saved energy, which is 87,6% less than in regular production
  • 18 cubic meter of saved water
  • 55% fewer resources

Facts about ECOCARE tights

  • Our recycled polymer allows for the spinning of high-quality yarns that retain the properties of virgin fibers.
  • They retain the excellent color depth and uniformity via regular dye processes.
  • There are no inconsistencies in the properties of any of the recycled yarn.
  • Applications in intimate wear, legwear, active-wear, and ready-to-wear products.
  • Available in Dtex count: 70/40/1, 70/40/2, 40/20/1, 40/20/2



NILIT has developed a recycled yarn in order to set a global standard: of delivering the need for acknowledgment and activity in promoting and securing Eco-Friendly processes. We have a duty of care to the environment that must be met, day in and day out.  As a pioneer and innovator in the development of a recycled nylon 6.6 yarn, with both excellent color depth and uniformity via regular dye process, NILIT’s eco-friendly material provides a perfect balance between protection, well-being, and ecology.

It’s a philosophy we are bound to and will hold onto in order to make materials that are environmentally friendly and focused on securing a sustainable future.


NILIT’s high-performance fibers enable the creation of fabrics that deliver extreme resistance and optimal support while offering maximum flexibility. It truly is the all-round material that delivers excellence every time. Through moisture management and anti-bacterial protection, NILIT fibers can help enhance both performance and endurance. Due to the unique technologies employed throughout the fibers, their special properties remain effective for the life span of any garment.


his family of advanced fibers gives you the perfect choice of fabric for all fashion types. Available in a variety of textures and finishes, eye-catching, attractive colors and innovative dyeing techniques, these fibers offer limitless design possibilities open to everyone’s imagination.  Striking a perfect balance between fashion and comfort, NILIT fashion yarns allow designers and manufacturers alike to produce clothing that meets every requirement in both looks and feel.


These 70 DENIER knee-highs have an extra layer of fabric under the soles, that improve blood circulation and provide a light massage effect on feet. Wide non-compressing ribbing, which make them perfect for travelling!

Thanks to the reinforced sole, the knee-highs last longer and are suitable for everyday use.

NILIT® Ecocare knee-highs bring together our philosophy and sophisticated R&D for a breakthrough in yarn engineering and production.

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