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Today we are talking about our new initiative – packaging-free ordering from the Sokisahtel webstore. For years, we have tried to be as environmentally aware as possible and wanted to do our part to reduce the unnecessary amount of packaging waste in the world.

Therefore, together with you, we will try a test period in April and May, where when ordering from the webstore, ALL orders are packaging-free by default. We will test together with you how it works and whether we could continue like this in our webstore in the future.

How does the package-free ordering work?

If you place an order from our webstore, ordering without packaging is selected by default. This means that when assembling the order, we remove the product labels and immediately send them back to the warehouse, where they are already used on the following products. And that’s it – we can also reveal a little secret, how do tell the difference if the package has already been used several times 😉 – namely, we put new barcode stickers of the new product on the old labels. And that’s why sometimes you can see, for example, 2 barcode stickers on top of each other on your label.

With socks and thicker tights, it’s easy, the black product label with the Sokisahtel logo is immediately used again in the warehouse, and the new products with the old labels end up in our stores waiting for their owner. It is also possible to leave the package in the store when buying, and many of our customers happily use this option.

It’s a little more complicated with hold-ups and sheer tights. What we do with them is remove the film packaging and reuse it. We leave fragile products between the paper. When you receive the product, you only need to put the paper in the paper waste and again, a small task is done.

What do the packaging-free orders look like?

Sokisahtel socks with packaging

The socks have a plastic hook and paper packaging. When removing, please put it in the packaging container so that the packaging can be recycled!

Sokisahtel socks package-free

The product comes without packaging. The paper carton, plastic hook and paper tag are already in use again.

Sokisahtel tights with packaging

The tights have paper packaging around them. Please put it in the packaging container so that it can be recycled!

Sokisahtel tights package-free

Unpackaged product comes without labels. Since it is a pair of 60DEN stronger kind of tights, no packaging or cardboard is needed for support! The packaging is already in use again.

Sokisahtel sheer tights with packaging

The tights have plastic film around, paper wrap and cardboard inside. Please put them in the packaging container so they can be recycled!

Sokisahtel tights package-free

The product comes in a paper wrap, as it is a delicate pair of 20DEN tights. Put the paper wrapper and the inner cardboard in the waste paper collection point. You can use the inner cardboard as note paper.

Sokisahtel different packages

If you have any further questions, write to us at or call us Monday-Friday 9-17, phone +372 555 10 994

And more. When we send you a package, we reuse the transport packaging if possible. Also, if you get a box or a bag from us – open it and if you need to send a package, you can use it again.

It is worth cutting the plastic packaging nicely with scissors, and you can reuse the plastic packaging, for example, to send a book or chocolate to a friend. Recycling is fashionable and becoming more and more popular and essential. Let’s keep up with the trends and keep the earth cleaner!

What if I still want to receive my orders with packaging?

From April 22, we will ship all Sokisahtel webstore orders without packaging. However, if you definitely want to get the packaging around a pair of socks or tights, you can make a mark that when ordering, and everything will come beautifully packaged, ready, for example, as a gift.

But how do I know what my packaging-free product consists of and how I can take care of it?

Socks and stockings are much easier to care for and wash than delicate sweaters, expensive fur coats or other textile products. Of course, it is best to wash delicate products by hand (for example hold-ups, sheer tights) or in a laundry bag with a hand wash program.

In the case of socks, it is also good if you wash with a hand wash program and at a temperature of up to 30 degrees. This is especially true for merino, angora and alpaca wool products, which can shrink when washed in warmer water. You can find the maintenance manual on our website HERE. And the composition of the product is always available in the description on the product page.

But you can’t use the packaging indefinitely, some will break, so what do you do then?

Yes, that’s ture. We have a record that the most times we have been able to reuse a sock label is 5 times – it just keeps coming back from the store. But the truth is that the labels wear out and the packaging can be used repeatedly, in most cases 2-3 times. We collect unusable labels and send them to recyclable packaging waste.

Sokisahtel transport packages

What about transport packages?

In transport packaging, we use cardboard and paper packaging, which you can put in the paper and cardboard collection container. We also use biodegradable plastic wraps, but this is generally only when the package has been ordered to a parcel machine. You can put the biodegradable plastic wraps in the packaging container. When ordering from the store, you usually get your order in a paper bag, that you can also use again at home.

In Estonia, you can take the packages in which the order arrived to the package collection point free of charge. See locations here:

Packaging-free and environmentally friendly ECOCARE collection

Packaging-free shopping is not the only way you can support Estonia’s sustainability. Together with us, you can save nature and the environment by wearing products from our NILIT® Ecocare collection. They are produced from recycled nylon scraps, the production of which saves both material and resources.

How much material and water is saved? Here are some numbers that are the resources saved per 1 ton of thread. Energy would be saved by 6194 kw per ton, or 87.6% less during the entire production process, water by 18 cubic meters per ton, and in total 55% less resources would be used for production. You can read more about Ecocare collection here.

Sokisahtel ECOCARE collection

April 22 is Earth Day! What is it and why is it celebrated?

This day has been celebrated internationally since 1970. The purpose of Earth Day is to raise awareness of the vulnerability of our planet’s natural resources and to teach people how they can do their part to protect the environment. Also, that it is possible to be more environmentally friendly in your activities.

To celebrate Earth Day, various events and activities are organized aimed at reducing environmental pollution, promoting renewable energy, planting plants and other activities that raise environmental awareness.

We follow the event map and activities HERE!

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