Advent calendar WISH CALENDAR - choose 24 pairs of socks yourself!

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For Christmas 2021, we have a very special and lovely surprise for you! This time you can put together your own Advent calendar - with pairs of socks to your liking! Choose from 24 pairs of Christmas-themed or other socks and the best Advent calendar of the year is ready!

The Advent calendar of socks is filled with only the coolest, nicest and most beautiful socks!
The content of the calendar can be selected according to the size for both men and women.
Socks can be found in the calendar until Christmas Eve. And after that, the base of the Advent calendar box can also be used as a storage box in your sock drawer!

And listen up, business owner, from 50 pieces you can create the design for your calendar yourself! If you wish to be extra fancy, we can even put socks with your own logo into one of the windows! And believe us - this is the gift that will be remembered for a long time!

Choose socks for your advent calendar like this:

- Order a Wish Calendar from the button below. The elves will get your order!
- Select the socks you want in the calendar. (Socks suitable for the calendar up to 4.90 eur and if 2-3 pairs end up being 5.90-6.90eur, the elves will close their eyes).
- Send your wish list (it's best to just put links to the products you want) to - The elves will receive the letter.
- If you have a special wish, for example, that on the 24th date or another day, there is exactly the pair of socks you want - write it down as well. The elves can read!
- The elves will receive your wishes and start packing your advent calendar. The order deadline for the wish calendar is about 3-4 working days.
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