Alpaca wool herringbone patterned greyish plaid

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Add noble elegance to your life! This luxurious blanket is made from 100% alpaca wool from the highlands of Peru.

This plaid has been created knowing how important it is to feel warm and comfortable on a cold winter day. The details are finely crafted by hand.
All in all, it's the perfect fall-winter addition to the home.

Alpacas are mainly bred for their excellent wool. Alpaca wool is shiny and silky, soft and luxurious. Alpaca wool is considered to be 7 times warmer and 3 times stronger than sheep's wool, it is not prickly and does not contain lanolin, so it is allergy-free.

The plaid has a striped herringbone pattern
Plaid color: gray
Dimensions: 130x180 cm
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