ECOCARE 40 DEN navy blue tights for children

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We believe in Ecocare tights! Sustainability and green thinking are hot topics in today's world. Since we also care about the planet, we try to do our bit for the environment. This way, we can help build a better and cleaner world for everyone. We are very aware of how resource-heavy the production of hosiery can be, and how it contributes to pollution. For this very reason, we have developed our sustainably produced Ecocare product line as our way of supporting green living and reducing the use of natural resources. We believe in our Ecocare collection, and we hope that you will, too!

These tights are made of NILIT® Ecocare nylon yarn which is made by reusing nylon waste resulting from the process of producing nylon yarn. This fibre is produced in a way that saves both the amount of material and water used and reduces the amount of waste to the minimum. We care about the environment and NILIT® Ecocare tights combine state-of-the-art research and development with an environmentally friendly mindset in the hosiery world.

If you are wondering how much material and water is saved when producing these tights, here are some numbers per 1 tonne of yarn:
6194 kW of energy saved (that is 87.6% less than in traditional production);
18 cubic metres of water saved.
Overall, 55% less resources are used than with traditional production methods!

Our Ecocare tights last long! We also have quite the selection of sizes available from S all the way to 2XL. If you choose the right size, the tights stay in place perfectly, do not roll down and feel great. Thanks to the material being durable and strong, you do not need to buy new tights often. This is but one good reason for trying our environmentally friendly Ecocare tights!

Colour: navy blue
40 DEN
Composition: 91% polyamide, 9% elastane
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