OLD TOWN WINTER print pattern socks

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Socks with a printed pattern, with a printed picture of Tallinn's old town in winter. Visiting Tallinn's Old Town at Christmas is a must! A beautiful and historical choice for those who appreciate the beauty of Estonian history and architecture. These socks represent a unique work of art that brings the beauty and charm of Tallinn's historic old town to your wardrobe.

Tallinn's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of historic buildings, narrow streets and atmospheric views. The snowy old town in the picture gives the socks a unique and beautiful look and creates a deep connection with Estonian cultural heritage. Whether it's to add to your everyday outfit or as a special gift for a patriot, these socks bring joy and pride every time they're worn.

Color: variegated, black
Composition: 60% polyester, 38% cotton, 2% elastane
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