Pierre Mantoux FRIDA red leggings

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Red leggings for women.
The leggings are decorated with a sparkling red and green stripe on the side.

Pierre Mantoux leggings are made of high-quality material that ensures comfort and a silhouette that supports the curves of the body. The leggings have beautiful red tones that give them a lively and stylish look.

These leggings are perfect for different occasions, be it everyday wear or more festive moments. The unique color and style of these leggings help create a bold and confident look.

Pierre Mantoux Frida leggings are designed to offer quality and durability. These leggings aim to be comfortable and practical.

All in all, Pierre Mantoux leggings are high quality, stylish and attractive items of clothing that allow you to enhance your wardrobe and gain attention and a confident look.

Color: red
Composition: 94% polyester, 6% elastane
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