RUNNER socks

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The three-layer terry absorbs shocks and protects sensitive areas of feet and ankles against
abrasions and injuries. Modern structure of the Prolen® Siltex fibre ensures that moisture is taken away from the skin and feet are always dry. A wide air channel is located in the non- load-carrying terry fabric above the foot, which, together with Prolen® Siltex action and air channels in upper of the socks, additionally accelerates transportation of moisture away. The socks are very light but several times more durable than their cotton counterparts. The socks are designed to fit the anatomical shape of the left (L) and right (R) foot not only through the proper shaping of the terry fabric but also through different profiling of the knitted material contour around the toes of the left and the right foot. Lycra® in the entire fabric ensures firm grip to the leg. The elastic band on the mid-foot protects the sock against shifting on the foot. The appropriately shaped knitted material on the heel (shape 'Y') perfectly fits and stabilizes the foot. Crosswise ribs facilitate fitting the sock on bend of the foot. Seamless linking ensures maximum comfort, preventing abrasions on the fingers, even in extreme conditions. The socks act as a deodorant due to content of silver in the Prolen® Siltex yarn. The prevention of unpleasant odour during use is a result of anti-microbial properties of silver.

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