UNIQUE ADVENT CALENDAR with 24 pairs of socks

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NB! Please order the advent calendar to the ITELLA SMARTPOST parcel machine, as it does not fit in other parcel machines. This way, the elf can safely deliver the calendar to you!

Are you thinking about what to give to a person who has everything? Or another business gift and your own
a gift for nice employees?
Here is a super-hyper idea for you! Basically the perfect gift idea!

The socks advent calendar is filled with only the best, nicest and most beautiful socks!
The content of the calendar can be selected according to the size for both men, women and children.
Socks can be found in the calendar until Christmas Eve. And after that, the base of the advent calendar box can also be used as a storage box in your sock drawer!

And now, business owners, take note - from 50 pieces, you can order an advent calendar cover with your own design.
If you want to go extra fancy, we can also put socks with your logo in one of the windows!
And believe us - this gift will be talked about for a long time before and after Christmas!

Interested? Order from the button below or write to us at info@sokisahtel.net and we'll see what we can do!

We also have to take into account that maybe we don't have all 24 pairs of socks that are currently in the picture. So we hope you don't get too angry with the elf if some socks have a different pattern.
The picture of the contents of the advent calendar is illustrative!
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