VARIS 140DEN beige support stockings

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140 DEN
Sturdy knit, anatomical support stockings with strong and narrow double heel
The stockings help to prevent the formation of varices. Your feet won't get tired as quickly. The elastic support stockings improve venous blood circulation. The pressure is strongest in the ankle area and weakest on the thigh. This helps to direct blood towards the heart and prevent blood accumulation in the veins. Wearing support stockings or knee-highs is considered highly effective in case of varices throughout the world. Constant wearing of the therapy stockings allows to keep the condition successfully under control – although it will not treat the condition, it also will not develop further. The support stockings need to fit perfectly, the pressure on your legs need to be perceptible, but not squeezing. The stockings are durable and have a gentle massaging effect.
A real gift to your legs!
Colour: beige
Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
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