YAVANNA blue snowman non-slip socks

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Blue Christmas socks with a soft and fun snowman with a non-slip sole. Humorous socks will add comfort and laughter to your Christmas season. The soft and fun snowman yeti on the socks brings out a funny and playful atmosphere. The blue color gives the socks a calm and slightly extravagant look, making them the perfect choice for the Christmas season.

In addition, the socks have a non-slip sole that ensures safe walking and is perfect for home celebrations. The socks are made of thicker cotton to keep your feet comfortably warm. Wear these Christmas socks and enjoy festive comfort with the humorous yeti, bringing joy and fun to your holidays.

Message on the socks: Merry Christmas

Color: blue
Composition: 85% cotton, 10% polyamide, 5% elastane
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