Back to school! How to choose the right tights for children?

School will start again soon, and it’s a good time to start preparations. In addition to notebooks, textbooks, and pens, it is also wise to check the sock and tights drawer. To sort out the ones that are too small and replace them with new ones. We have a large and wide selection of tights, so we wrote down how to choose the right pantyhose for your kids. This way, finding the kind of tights you are looking for is easy.

What to keep in mind when making a choice? Material, pattern, thickness.

It would be best to start by thinking about what the pantyhose will be needed for. For example, do you need them for everyday wear, for festive events, or for protection against the cold in winter?


School uniform tights

Each school has special colored tights for the school uniform, either dark blue, dark red, black or gray. Tights that are plain and not brightly colored are usually preferred. When choosing tights for school uniform, it is also important that the tights are durable and in the right size. Ask the school for exact instructions and make a choice in the e-store or in the store! Since school lasts from autumn to spring, it is worth investing in warmer material so that the child’s feet stay warm even in the freezing cold.

Every day children’s tights

Every day children’s tights are mostly made of cotton, either single-colored or with some fun patterns. However, the golden rule for cotton pantyhose is that the more pattern there is, the less they stretch. This is also worth taking into account when choosing the size for pantyhose. However, cotton tights are a good choice for everyday wear precisely because of their pleasant soft feel and durability. They don’t make your feet itch and don’t break easily.


Festive tights

Often made of polyamide, thinner material than cotton. Polyamide tights are perfect for wearing under skirts and dresses, for example, at the beginning ceremony of the school year. Due to the sheer material, they are also a good choice in early autumn or late spring, when the weather is quite warm, but you don’t want to go out with bare legs yet. We have a selection of sheer festive pantyhose in plain white and creamy colors and also with various beautiful patterns.

Merino wool tights and leggings

However, merino wool tights and leggings are ideal for the winter season. Merino wool tights are often the first choice of parents to keep their children warm in the cold autumn and winter months. Merino wool is ideal for small children because it reacts to body temperature, absorbs moisture, and is allergy-free. The unique feature of merino wool is that it does not make your feet sweat even during the most active activities. This makes it an ideal choice for every kid who loves to play outside during winter.

merino wool leggings

How to choose the right size for a child?

The sizes of children’s pantyhose are according to the child’s height and are indicated on the package in centimeters, similar to the sizing of clothes. However, if the child has longer legs slightly, it is worth buying bigger tights, so they stay on the leg more comfortably and do not tear or roll down. Women’s tights in sizes XS, S, and M are also perfect for taller girls. The package of women’s pantyhose also has a size chart, which makes it easy to choose the right size.

As previously mentioned, it should be taken into account that patterned cotton tights stretch less than, for example, polyamide tights. Therefore, when choosing the size of tights, their material and thickness are worth considering.

pantyhose for babies

How to properly care for pantyhose ?

As tights are delicate and children tend to put them through a lot, it is generally recommended to wash pantyhose by hand. The best temperature for this is room temperature, 30 degrees. If you still want to wash the tights in the washing machine, use the gentlest wash function and choose the cold water program. When washing in a washing machine, you should also use a laundry bag for thinner tights, so they don’t get damaged.

To avoid tearing, turn the tights inside out before washing! This way, your children’s tights will last a lot longer.

What to do with tights that have become too small?

Since children grow at a crazy speed, the clothes and tights bought at the beginning of the school year often no longer fit at the end of the school year. 

Not to mention those pairs of tights that ‘accidentally’ have gotten a hole in one leg. 

Fortunately, we have some great ideas for what to do with tights that are too small (and also have holes), so they don’t have to find their way to the trash bin.

floral tights

A cute octopus from old hosiery

You will need:

  • Four pairs of old pantyhose
  • Filling material, such as cotton batting
  • Some thread
  • Toy eyes, for example, from some other shirt or clothing that has become too small to wear 

Do this:

  1. Stuff all of the octopus’s legs (aka the tights) with cotton batting (or some other filling material) up to about the knee; no more is needed.
  2. The trick with the octopus is that all the legs face the same direction.
  3. You can make a head for an octopus by twisting the upper part of a pair of pantyhose over the so-called legs (similarly to the way you twist a pair of socks to put them in a drawer). But so that the ‘head’ part does not remain upside down, cut a small hole between the leg parts and insert the leg part through there before turning. That’s how the head of the octopus is also the right way!
  4. Stuff the remaining three pairs of tights inside the octopus head, so the legs are at the same height on all legs. Add a little stuffing inside the head to make a round ball.
  5. Sew the hole you made before and also the head of the octopus with thread so that it stays nicely on the legs
  6. Sew on the eyes
  7. And that’s it! Meet your new octopus friend! 

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