Heart-shaped pin in the colours of the UKRAINE flag

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Around 2.9 million people continue to need humanitarian assistance in the areas near the front of eastern Ukraine. Those who have nowhere to go have stayed in the area; Unemployment in depopulated settlements has created widespread poverty, with the majority of those present are in need of support for their daily lives. There is also a need for psychosocial support to deal with precarious situations. These people depend to a large extent on good helpers to cope.

We help those who need our help the most!

For every UKRAINE pin purchased, we support the "for Ukraine" organization with 1 euro.

Read more: https://www.ukrainaheaks.ee/

If you have any questions about HOW TO HELP UKRAINE, then the main thing is to read and share information from approved sources: https://ukraine.ua/news/stand-with-ukraine/

As of March 22, we have donated more than 10,000 euros with you to Ukraine.

A heart-shaped badge in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Why do we make blue-and-yellow ribbons and socks in Sokisahtel instead of just quietly donating and carrying on with our daily activities? Donation is part of the activity. We need to talk about the war in Ukraine and keep talking, even if many people say 'I'm tired of the negative news' - there can be no silence when it is 2022 and children lose their homes and lives in the war!

We cannot just get used to the war and become numb about it. And that's why we keep making ribbons, badges, "Free Ukraine" socks in Sokisahtel. In order for people to remember that they cannot just be a silent spectator of these crimes. This is one of the ways in which we can fight evil and warfare in Sokisahtel today - to keep the issue relevant and prominent.

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