Wide ribbon in UKRAINE colours to support Ukraine

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Around 2.9 million people continue to need humanitarian assistance in the areas near the front of eastern Ukraine. Those who have nowhere to go have stayed in the area; Unemployment in depopulated settlements has created widespread poverty, with the majority of those present are in need of support for their daily lives. There is also a need for psychosocial support to deal with precarious situations. These people depend to a large extent on good helpers to cope.

We help those who need our help the most!

For every UKRAINE ribbon purchased, we support the "for Ukraine" organization with 1 euro.

Read more: https://www.ukrainaheaks.ee/

If you have any questions about HOW TO HELP UKRAINE, then the main thing is to read and share information from approved sources: https://ukraine.ua/news/stand-with-ukraine/

20 mm ribbon in UKRAINE colours to support Ukraine
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