Pierre Mantoux CHER white tights with dots

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The white polka dot tights are made of high-quality material that ensures comfort and durability. These tights are white and decorated with cute white dots, giving them a playful and stylish look.

White polka dot tights are perfect for a variety of occasions, whether it's more formal events or everyday wear. These tights add style and elegance to your outfit and help you express your personality.

In addition to their outstanding appearance, the tights are of high quality and durability, which ensures their longevity. These tights are designed to meet the needs of the modern woman, offering comfort and style in one. Spotted tights are stylish, playful and trendy and help to enhance your look by adding elegance and originality to every item of clothing.

The right shade of tights is in the second picture

Color: white
Composition: 91% polyamide, 9% elastane
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